Nesodden Report
Optimization of asset utilisation for multi-stakeholder place-based innovation
TITLE: Nesodden Report
DESCRIPTION: Optimization of asset utilisation for multi-stakeholder place-based innovation
TYPE: pre-project
SCOPE: Local
FUNDING: Municipal Climate Budget
START DATE: 01/10/2019
DURATION: / 1 / year(s)

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Research shows that the production and distribution of “things” has the largest single environmental footprint. In order to reduce the number of “things” in a local community, we need solutions that give all of the stakeholders (from individuals to industry) safe and easy access to what they need, where and when they need it. This will help support the shift from a consumption-based linear economy to a circular economy.

Making resources available and visible enables them to be better utilized. This supports a reduction in the overall environmental footprint of the municipality by sharing more and buying less, and by creating new jobs in repair, logistics, and other sectors. There are a number of initiatives aimed at reducing consumption locally, but they are difficult to find and access, and are often not user-friendly.

Within the municipality there are a multitude of assets that could and should be better utilised.

We need to make it easier to access “things” rather than own them. Doing so will reduce the municipality’s climate footprint, increase local value creation and help reduce socio-economic inequalities. This holds true not only for Nesodden but all municipalities.

Nesodden has the potential to propel itself forward as a pioneer in the circular economy, and at the same time support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals focusing on “the triple bottom line” where a number of positive effects can be achieved. Supporting Viken’s regional and Norway’s national ambitions to be a front runner in the Circular Economy.

A dynamic dashboard enables additional research on the motivations for collaborative consumption: a video explaining the dashboard can be found here LINK logo

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