Materials Network

Supply chain transformation

for radical collaboration

Secondary materials & By-products

Identifying Supply & Demand


facilitated and automated potential

certification filters

based on your production needs

turning waste streams into revenue streams for supply-chain transformation

Designed for cycles

a platform built for material streams & their multitude of forms

Supporting an eco-system

where one organization’s waste becomes another organization’s resource

Unlocking Collaboration

generating new business opportunities for experimentation and job creation


Greater Oslo & Viken Regions

1 of 3

Umeå/Vaasa Region

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Iceland as a Region

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A networked regional cross-sector digital platform enabling businesses to connect and find solutions for secondary materials and by-products.

A cross-sector multi-stakeholder initiative supporting organisations at the forefront of the transition to a circular economy with new opportunities for sustainable growth, innovation, increased entrepreneurship and access to new markets.

Promoting a green transition not only for industry but society at large, supporting carbon neutrality and a circular bio-based economy with digitalisation. Enabling resilience to become less reliant on foreign supply chains.



Material waste streams lack visibility

Marketplaces are sector specific

Quality secondary materials are hard to source

Limited cross-sector value chains

Multiple certification systems

Waste comes in many forms

Availability is not consistent

Materials are not yet available (ie in buildings)

->     Solution

->     Visualise the ecosystem

->     Support ALL sectors

->     Make sourcing and identification easy

->     New business opportunities & supply chains

->     Certification Filter

->     Support unit variations

->     Custom and recurring order cycles

->     Advance ordering (ie prior to deconstruction)


How does being a network member work?

  • Profile: Registering your enterprise and setting up a profile on the Materials Network.
  • As a member you can offer your materials through other Materials Network marketplaces via new partnerships and collaboration using our enterprise permissions features.
  • Ability to trade materials in cycles based on the frequency and schedule of your supply cycle.
  • Trading Fees: When you start trading (either as a marketplace or by starting a service hub) you can choose from a variety of plans depending on your business (plans are in development and subject to change)
  • Access to the Member Newsletter, webinars and support documentation
  • Support Getting Started: While you are getting started you might need extra supportUpfront support costs may be used as credit for trading fees  
  • Custom Support: As you progress, you may like a little extra help with some of our custom features.  We offer additional support, as well as software integration support and more.
  • Active members get a say in which new features get prioritised in line with our Network Governance

Members gain access to core features including:

  • Personalised marketplace with custom images and social media links.
  • B2B as well as B2C transactions
  • Enterprise visualised on the eco-system map
  • Public or private marketplaces based on your preferences
  • Unlimited listing of materials and certifications
  • Inventory management
  • The ability to connect with partners for collaboration
  • Potential to develop service hubs such as logistics, transport, repair, disassembly services and more
  • Ability to add your own enterprise fees for transport, packing, sales, administration or even fundraising for a good cause
  • Enterprise fees are flexible based on your unique needs (flat rates, flat percentage, per order, per item, by weight and more)
  • Matchmaking opportunities and services

Enabling a new eco-system
for a Circular Economy
converting transactions into Action

answer the survey to join the pilot projects in development in Oslo & Umeå

contact us for more infomation

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