We need to

support all stakeholders

by bridging bottom-up and top-down solutions

work together

with radical collaboration via partnership methodologies

breakdown silos

with cross-sector solutions

understand the impact

Unlocking knowledge to collaboratively scale impact

Transition from NO MORE to NOT YET

We are living in a globalised world with a population heading towards nine billion people, putting the earth’s resources under immense pressure. It is clear that the challenges and opportunities we face are large and complex. Our actions are linked with the actions of others, our solutions are embedded in a web of interlinked interests and responses, and we cannot work alone. 

New approaches in how we use and share our resources and how we find solutions that function within the planetary boundaries require innovation. Moving from organisation-centric behaviours to mission-centric behaviours. 

Creating a better world takes partnership and collaboration. Increasingly, government, industry, civil society, and science recognise the need to work together to tackle the challenges of the modern world and bring about change for the common good. 

Many of the issues we confront and the opportunities we would like to explore are embedded in a network of changing social, economic, political, and environmental factors. And many different groups may be concerned with the same issues, but from a different perspective and with different interests. 

In a world of interconnected economies, bringing about change depends on dialogue and alignment across different sectors in society. We need to foster relationships across these groups and help them collaborate. Although no one group can bring about change on its own, the power of one group can be enough to block the actions of others. To avoid this, we need to develop shared perspectives, new understanding, and collective commitment for action, even between groups who may at first seem to have diverging interests.

A Circular Economy can only be achieved by working together.

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