Norwegian – Icelandic Partnership

New partnership

hringrásarsetur ísland

Circular Economy Center Iceland

It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Hringrásarsetur Íslands, the Circular Economy Center Iceland.

Hringrásarsetur Íslands supports the growth and expansion of the Icelandic Circular Economy, as well as promotes the  United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Right to Repair. Working with stakeholders at all levels to implement the Circular Economy through practical projects and common goals.

The collaboration will contribute to increased value creation for all by strengthening the commons. We see that our activities are complementary and that our organisations are value-aligned, amplifying the impact across the environments.

"It is exciting for Hringsrásarsetur in Iceland to join forces with Circular Regions to learn from their experience in engaging holistically with business, the public- and third sector"
"I believe the data analysis and case studies that can be developed in partnership with Circular Regions are a helpful step towards moving Iceland into a Circular Economy, and I am very glad we can join forces to tackle it together"
"We are very pleased to be partnering with Hringsrásarsetur Íslands, and look forward to exploring how we can collectively implement practical data-driven solutions to accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy through a Shared Intelligence. "
Cynthia Reynolds
Founder & System Architect - Circular Regions

This partnership builds upon Circular Regions’ collaboration in the Icelandic Connecting Loops Conference and will support connecting the evolving Icelandic Eco-system in a growing international value-aligned network by utilising a common digital infrastructure for a collective understanding and  impact.

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