Canadian – Norwegian Circular Partnership

New partnership

Circular Economy Leadership Canada

We are proud to announce our partnership with Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC).

CELC is working to make Canada a world leader in building a sustainable, prosperous circular economy that benefits people and planet. By providing thought leadership, technical expertise and a collaborative platform, they will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy in Canada.

The collaboration will contribute to increased value creation for stakeholders at all levels. We see that our activities are complementary and that our organisations are value-aligned, strengthening the interactions between the environments.

"The inevitable transition to a circular economy represents an enormous opportunity, particularly for first-mover organizations leading the way. While we are only at the beginning of what promises to be a demanding yet rewarding journey, we know that Circular Regions is already making critical investments and demonstrating what is possible as this transition gets underway."
Paul Shorthouse
Managing Director - Circular Economy Leadership Canada
"We are very pleased to be partnering with CELC, and look forward to exploring how we can collectively implement practical data-driven solutions to accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy through a Shared Intelligence. On a personal note, as a Canadian living in Norway for over 20 years, I could not be more proud to be able to help accelerate the Circular Economy in Canada "
Cynthia Reynolds
Founder & System Architect - Circular Regions

This partnership builds upon Circular Regions’ participation in the Canadian Circular Cities & Regions Initiative Webinar Series; as well as the Focus on Canadian Business Circularity project presented as an official side event to the World Circular Economy Forum hosted by Canada in 2021.

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