Focus on Canadian Business Circularity

Miss the event? Here is the recording:

Join “Focus on Canadian Business Circularity” a World Circular Economy Forum official side event.

Organised by the CEC Clubs in Toronto, Calgary, London, Montreal and Quebec City.
September 8th, 12:00-13:30 EDT (18:00-19:30 UTC+2)

The Canadian Circular Economy Club Leaders of Canada are conducting a data-driven mapping of Circular Businesses across the country utilising the Circular Regions platform and methodology.

Join the event to meet a spectrum of Canadian businesses, from startups to established, to see a snapshot of circularity across the country. Explore how Circular Economy Clubs in Canada catalyze a B2B networking community to assist businesses in reaching the next level.

Circular Regions is proud to be a Supporting Partner to accelerate the transition for Canadian Businesses.
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