Societal Readiness Levels


Stages SRL 1‐3 represent the early stages in a project, including identifying relevant stakeholders and how to include them (such as end users, the right communities, etc.). 

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Stages SRL 4‐6 represent the actual solution(s) and testing in the relevant context in co‐operation with relevant stakeholders, while keeping a focus on impact and society’s readiness for the solution. 

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Stages SRL 7‐9 represent the end stages, including refining the solution(s),  addressing the societal readiness on a practical level to gain impact, creating awareness, disseminating results, etc.

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Circular initiatives must be technically feasible, economically viable, environmentally sound, as well as socially acceptable to be successfully and fully adopted by society to bring the expected systemic and structural change.

Societies must be able to integrate these innovations as part of their daily lives and therefore the social acceptability becomes vital in achieving systemic change and societal transformation. 
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