Norway’s National Circular Economy Strategy in English

Norway released their much anticipated National Strategy for a Green, Circular Economy.
Language should never be a barrier, and given it was released in New Norwegian; we took it upon ourselves to translate it into English for international dissemination. (see below)

It is comprised of 5 parts laying the foundation that the Norwegian Government will: 

  • Use the whole country for circular economy based on local and regional resources and business structures 
  • Support the opportunities Norwegian industry has for strengthened green competitiveness on the basis of a circular economy 
  • Facilitate a development where circular solutions in the bioeconomy and increased use of renewable resources to replace non-renewables contribute as much as possible to achieving climate and environmental goals and to sustainable value creation. 
  • Through legislation and targeted efforts, more circular buildings are built and operated. The state as property manager takes a special responsibility 
  • Take care of Norwegian interests in the EU’s work with a strengthened product framework for more sustainable products
  • Support high climate and environmental standards for more sustainable products and value chains under the EU circular economy action plan 
  • Work for strengthened Norwegian green competitiveness in Norway based on the possibilities in a circular economy 
  • Strengthen the role of the waste sector as the one that takes care of material resources, and is a supplier of secondary raw materials for circular cycles 
  • Work for non-toxic circular cycles through a continuous ambitious chemical policy in collaboration with the EU 
  • Exploit the potential of digitalisation to access information on product characteristics and markets for secondary raw materials for all market participants 
  • Invest in research-based knowledge and innovation. The instrument apparatus will further develop circular economy as a cross-cutting focus area 
  • Ensure a holistic knowledge base for how economic instruments can contribute to better resource utilization and circular economy 
  • Promote sustainable public consumption and green innovation through public procurement 
  • Give consumers stronger rights and opportunities for circular economy consumption. The Government works, among other things, to strengthen access to products that have a longer lifespan and other sustainability properties, and for better information. The Government strengthens the work on Eco-labelling Norway’s work with circular economy.
The introduction
Part 1: Circular economy through sustainable production and product design
Part 2: Circular Economy through sustainble ways of consuming and using materials, products and services
Part 3: Circular Economy through non-toxic circular cycles
Part 4: Circular Economy and Value Creation

Whether this strategy is bold enough to make Norway a front-runner in the Circular Economy is yet to be determined. What is clear, is that Norway has the resources to do so, and now that the strategy is released, it is time for action!

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